Saturday, May 29, 2010

US Open 2010 is Underway

The past two days have been really fun - racers have been practicing on the US Open course to get ready for today and tomorrow's finals. There are a few more early practice sessions today followed by the Downhill Qualifiers and the Giant Slalom Finals. Check the schedule here.

Alright. I’m headed back out to watch some more people hit that booter. For those of you that have never been here in the summer, the jump is located at the bottom of the Sugar Slope. Bring your popcorn. It’s going to be exciting.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

US Open: Getting Ready

The US Open’s course is taking shape at Diablo Freeride Park. A few of us took a “scenic cab ride” to the top and checked out some of the course.
It’s going to get real exciting around here as the racers and vendors pour in. Diablo is expecting 600 of the world’s best downhill mountain bikers to attend. This is the big time, kids.
If you’re interested in seeing these talented lunatics whip around corners, trees and rocks while launching themselves off of manmade 40-foot booters, this is the weekend to show up.

Click to view the US Open’s Schedule.