Thursday, November 19, 2009

Snowmaking. It's what's for dinner.

I can’t go a day without someone asking me about the weather and our snowmaking plan. I also can’t go a day without checking the weather and hoping we can start to make snow. Since thoughts of snowguns are keeping us up at night, I wanted to write up a little Snowmaking 101 for you.

“It’s going to be 32 degrees tonight. Technically, that’s freezing. Can you make snow?”

It’s a little more involved than that, as snowmakers have some additional things to consider. Sorry, Sam Champion.

Allow me to introduce you to the term, “wet bulb.” In the simplest of terms, wet bulb is the true temperature after factoring in humidity. (Standard thermometers measure the “dry bulb.”)

“Whoa. Why does humidity matter? I thought it was only a summertime thing.”

Water cools itself off by evaporating. When there’s a high level of humidity (a lot of water already in the atmosphere), water can’t evaporate as much. When humidity levels are low, water can cool more quickly.

So, a low wet bulb (temp & humidity) equals better snow production.

“Great. So toss me some numbers. What’s the ideal snowmaking situation?”

There’s no definitive cutoff temperature that says we can or can’t blow snow. Ideal temps usually range from the teens to mid 20’s, but again… humidity is the deciding factor. (Sometimes, if the humidity is super low, we can make snow when the temp is above freezing. Who’da thunk it.)

To give you an idea... if the temperature is lingering around 30*F, you’d need a humidity level of less than 30% to fire up the guns. If the temp is lower than 20*F, you could probably make snow rather easily, even if the humidity level was at 100%.

Welp! Now you know some of the thinking process behind snowmaking. Give your neighborhood snowmakers a hug next time you see them. They’re awesome, and they deserve it.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Whine Flu.

You strap in and practice your most impressive carpet maneuvers. You try on outerwear at the store, purchase it… and wear it around the house. You’ve bookmarked just about every online weather service, and you check them at least 5 times a day.

Yep, you’re infected with the “whine flu.”

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Costume - Foam Finger Winners

A big “thank you” goes out to everyone that submitted a photo of their Halloween costume on Facebook. After careful deliberation and a few bags of leftover candy corn, we’ve come to a decision. Three lucky people will be sporting bright orange, borderline obnoxious, Mountain Creek foam fingers. Here are your winners (in no particular order):

Evil Ventriloquist Dummy Guy from the movie, "Saw"

Overall, this costume was awesome. Nicely done.

Lady GaGa Girl

She made the costume herself, and anyone brave enough to sport sequined hot-pants deserves some love.

Lederhosen Guy from the movie, “Bruno”

I don’t know what I enjoyed more – your confidence or your wicked tan lines.

That’s all, kids. I'll contact the winners on Facebook to get your shipping address. Thanks again for playing, everyone!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Show us your spandex... or whatever you were for Halloween.

A few of us around the resort treat Halloween like it’s an Olympic sport. (Ha, treat. No pun intended.) At our employee shindig, there were two things in abundance – spinach artichoke dip and spandex. I snapped some pics for your enjoyment. I did not, however, save you any dip.

So, we’ve got a little costume contest of our own going on over at the Facebook page. I’ve got 3 Mountain Creek foam fingers to give out.

If you want in, just upload a picture of yourself in costume to our fan page. Where you write on the wall, there’s a place to “Attach” a photo. The photo button is 2 icons in. Upload your picture and it’ll appear in the fan photo album.

Us spandex wearin’ fools will judge your costumes and ship the fingers to the winners. (That sounds weird.) Maybe we’ll even throw in some stickers… I'll post a blog featuring the winners sometime this week.
Good luck!


P.S. The Quick Chek Quick Path contest rules & regs are available. I'll be releasing the secret promo code sometime this week! Get ready!